D'iberville Martial Arts: Gain Powerful Tools for
Self-Defense, Inner-Strength & a Strong, Healthy Body.

“D'iberville Kids Martial Arts: Fun, Exciting Classes for Kids that Teach Teamwork, Leadership, Focus & Self-Defense”

Parents love our kids martial arts classes just as much as their kids do! Why? Because through team-building exercises, embracing the challenges of martial arts, and focusing hard to learn the different techniques

...kids become more focused, attentive, respectful, well-behaved - and even improve their grades in school! So do yourself - and your kid - a favor, and come give our kids classes a try. We guarantee you and your kid will love'em! Just click now for more info, and to get started.

Alan Belcher MMA Club

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Our facility here in D'iberville, MS treats students with all the understanding that they deserve. We offer a clean and safe atmosphere and we are sure that our school is developed to enhance self-defense and combative success. We believe that Martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, or religious values. We are focused and committed to helping you achieve all of your long term goals while training here in D'iberville, MS and are positive you will get the most out of your time invested here.

MMA Fighter Alan Belcher